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Individuals that can make a definitive impact on the long-term success of your company are among the hardest to recruit. This type of challenge requires the strategy, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and timing of the recruiting experts at Eiper.

Executive staffing is probably the most exacting kind of headhunting. It’s as much art as a science, and neither is easily described, understood, or explained, which is why we’ve devoted so much time and energy to perfecting it.

At Eiper, we’re experts at creating the right atmosphere that encourages the right candidate to seriously consider your offer. It’s all about preparing the stage, being in charge of the situation, and understanding the core essence and motivation of that exceptional talent you’re trying to attract. You can’t learn those skills – you either have them or you don’t. Eiper has made it a point to work with executive recruiters that understand the corporate psyche – that unique, and dynamic mindset that demonstrates true executive material.

Our highly effective and proven process for finding and assessing top-level executives has been specifically designed to address your unique requirements and find the right leader for your organization. Whether your needs are for international headhunting or local corporate recruiting Eiper is the right choice.

6 steps to recruiting the right executive

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1) Determine your requirements and parameters

2) Develop a precise plan of action, depending on the challenges and the industry

3) Research, target and evaluate key candidates from our extensive network

4) Set-up pre-interviews

5) Follow up interviews leading to candidate recommendation

6) Investigate candidates - background check

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